A Cappella Stories

A Cappella Stories is a new show that features people who tell the story of how a song affected their lives, then they sing it in a cappella. Hosted by Jermaine Trice, this show is for anyone who loves to hear the back-story of others’ favorite tunes.

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Music is the only language that everybody understands. Music has the power to evoke feelings and memories, to create connections with others, and to bring people together.

Lyrics are the most important part of a song and tell us the story of what we’re listening to. Some lyrics can be inspiring, some can be heartbreaking, and others might just make you laugh. Tell us what a song’s lyrics mean to you and then sing that song for us.

Who doesn’t love to sing to their favorite song?

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Would you like to perform on A Cappella Stories? Drop us an email at info@theimprovplace.org